Artists and Their art surrounded me since I was born, generations in my family lived their life making Art.  As today my Mother and my Sister are both artists, all of us earned our bachelor degree in the Fine and Applied Arts School in Budapest, Est. 1777.  My sister and  I earned our Painter diploma in the University of Fine Arts of Hungary, Est. 1871. Masters Degree was issued in Budapest 2007, Hungary. Our leading instructor in the University was Dóra Maurer contemporary artist, (she just had her solo show in the Tate Modern, London in 2021). My Capstone “master-degree” piece at the end of the five University years was a series of digital collages curated and evaluated by Dóra.   
I was born in Hungary in 1975 and moved to the United Stated in 2007. Became a citizen in 2005 with an O1B visa (extraordinary ability in the arts). Teaching for several Universities in diversity of fields since 2014, such as Digital Art Studio, Graphic Design, Art History, Classical Arts, Gaming and Animation.
Digital art is my primary focus since the genre exist, start making computer generated images in 1987 using a Commodore 64 console with  Art Studio software. During the last few decades I developed a unique video-art style which is including my signature digital hand painting technique. Promoting these videos as NFT (Non-Funglibe-Token) on several sites involved with crypto art.
I love to paint portraits or figures combined with abstract elements and turning it into an animated video art. How amazing is we not only saving an image for the future but an entire video of the art making process. I choose my subject based on recent events around the world, from politicians to celebrities, or just friends and people I meet in public. When I paint them I feel learning more about their features and personalities, enjoying the process of re-creating a human character combined with my thoughts. The final result is a mix of my visions and the reality of the person in motion as a new “living” creature.
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