Hi, my name is Kolos Schumy, an Artist and Educator. Making art since I was born, also teaching digital arts at Broward and Dade College. Was born in Hungary, already became an American citizen. Always interested on to capture the personality of the people I met, did it first with traditional art techniques and recently I do digital paintings and sculptures.

Artist statement:
Artists and their art have surrounded me since I was born.  My mother, my sister,  and I all earned our Bachelor’s Degree from the same art school in Budapest,  Fine and Applied Arts School, Est. 1777.  My sister and I  earned our Master’s Degree, “Painter diploma” as it’s known in Hungary, from the University of Fine Arts of Hungary, Est. 1871.
Drawing, painting, and creating original objects, using real materials or digital tools is my life. My belief is that everyone is an artist; everybody should spend a couple of years doing “art related activities” in their life, picking the the material that fits the most to the person, so they can express their thoughts and emotions. Fine Arts is the next level of communication after words. Colors, shapes, and emotions are carrying more information than words,  as an experienced viewer understands.
My education was a kind of “classical” style; I love to draw and paint using traditional materials such as oil, watercolors, pencil, charcoal and crayons, but at the same time the computer and the graphic designer software are my best friends.
 I was always interested in how to build up the characteristics in the human body or face. I spent years learning to draw, focusing on the person’s characteristic features.
The information we pick up with our senses from the surrounding environment, letting it through our brain, adding our emotions and thoughts, then expressing the result with our tools (hand, printer, video, etc)  is my definition of “fine art”.
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