Voodoo Industries | www.voodoomoto.com :
• website design
• catalog design
• product photography and retouch
• advertisements and  campaigns
• package design

VooDoo Industries Website and Shopping cart design

Yana Shiki USA:
• branding
• website and webshop design: https://www.yanashiki.com/
• catalog design and printing supervision
• package design
• advertising design
• website design
• product photography and retouch
New World Publishing, Hungary, Budapest
•art direction
•magazine design
     -Budapest Business Journal weekly magazine
     -ReSource Info bi-weekly magazine
•printing supervision
•advertisement design
The Entrepreneur - Publisher
• magazine design
• art direction
• printing supervision
Leo Burnet, Hungary, Budapest
• art direction
• advertisement campaigns
• direct marketing tools
• ABL campaigns
Crime Stoppers "Broward County" fund raiser event marketing
• branding
• brochure design
Hungarian Television, Broadcasting media
demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsg0vwwXNmc&t=7s
• 3D animation
•television spot movies
• art direction
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